Noris - Mechanical pencil
Article No. 771


Available as single degrees


Available as single line widths (mm)


  • Triangular, jumbo-shaped mechanical pencil with ergonomic,
    non-slip soft grip zone which also fits well in small
    children’s hands - Ideal for the first writing and drawing exercises
  • The pencil features a 1.3 mm extra-thick and break-resistant
    lead that stands up to strong writing
  • With PVC-free, practical twist eraser
  • With rounded lead tube - the lead tube slides back while writing and gives additional lead rotection
  • Eco-friendly: The pencils come with HB lead and are easy to refill with
    "6-a-go" STAEDTLER Mars micro carbon mechanical pencil leads
  • Distinctive Noris barrel design!
  • Comes in gift pack with 1 pack of lead

Good to Know

For relaxed and easy writing

gtk_universal_49762For those who spend a lot of time writing or drawing, a comfortable writing feel is especially important.

For this reason, the graphite 771 has an ergonomic triangular barrel that relaxes strain on the hand and a rubberised grip zone that ensures a non-slip grip.

Twist eraser

gtk_dry_safe_49763Our graphite 771 features an extra-long twist eraser - without PVC or latex - for excellent erasing results.


gtk_universal_49762Clever feature: Our graphite 771 is pocket-safe thanks to its retractable metal lead sleeve.

Refillable leads


Eco-friendly: Your STAEDTLER graphite 771 can be refilled:

Just pull off the pencil's end to access the lead refill chamber and press the new lead in gently.