Lumocolor® Non-permanent Universal Pen
Article No. 311/316

  • 318_colours_7648Design awarded universal pen for use on overhead film and almost all surfaces
  • Can be wiped off film using a damp cloth
  • Water-soluble ink
  • Fast-drying
  • Superb colour brilliancy
  • With clip
  • PP barrel and cap guarantee long service life
  • Available individually in 2 line widths, 8 colours and in our stand-up STAEDTLER box
  • Line width S (0.4 mm)
    Art. no. 311-... (colour code)
  • Line width F (0.6 mm)
    Art. no. 316-... (colour code)

Our STAEDTLER Lumocolor® non-permanent universal pens are perfect for being used on the following surfaces: Paper, cardboard, film, plastic, metal, polystyrene, glass, porcelaine, wood, leather and stone.

  • Set of 4 colours in STAEDTLER box
  • Art. no. 316 WP4
  • Line width F - fine (approx. 0.6 mm) 
  • Art. no. 311 WP4
  • Line width S - superfine (approx. 0.4 mm)
  • Set of 8 colours in STAEDTLER box
  • Art. no. 316 WP8
  • Line width F - fine (approx. 0.6 mm)
  • Art. no. 311 WP8
  • Line width S - superfine (approx. 0.4 mm)
One for all

gtk_universal_49762STAEDTLER Lumocolor® markers are suitable for marking and labelling almost all surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, porcelain, wood, overhead film, whiteboards and flipcharts etc.



The end of dried-up pens and markers! 

When creativity is flowing along smoothly, it sometimes happens that pens or markers don’t get recapped right away. 

STAEDTLER’s innovative DRY SAFE ink technology makes it possible for our pens to lie uncapped for days at a time, without drying up. As such, the service life is increased considerably.


gtk_airplane_safe_49765Our Lumocolor® markers' airplane-safe feature provides an automatic pressure equalisation which prevents the marker from leakage while you are on the plane.